We are AS-IS Arizona!

We have been in business since 1987.

We work directly with major department stores and specialty stores.

Here are some of our clients

What we do

With over 27+ years of experience in the business our main clients are retail outlet purchasers and merchandise brokers in need of a resource for general customer returned merchandise that offers a variety of high-value goods with excellent selection. Our customer truckload purchases from AS-IS Arizona will result in sales and profits for your retail outlets or wholesale customers.

AS-IS Arizona offers a wide selection and assortment of new consumer products for sale which include closeouts, overstock, clearance and shelf pulls. You can be confident that your wholesale closeout purchases will move off the shelves quickly!

  • Closeouts may be sold by the case/pack/carton, as well as truckload
  • Usually an inventory is available for review
  • It may be possible to combine different stocks based on the f.o.b. points
  • All offerings are subject to prior sale
  • Payment is by wire transfer in advance of shipment

Our Brands

We pride ourselves in selling a wide assortment and large selection of customer returns, warehouse damages and clearance products. As a result, you can offer your own customers a greater choice of high-value products at a fraction of the original retail price.

  • Macy's
  • Penney's
  • Stage Stores
  • Aeropostale

Frequently Asked Questions

What level of quality can be expected?

  • First quality
  • Products generally will come in the original retail packaging
  • Often case packs may be available

What are customer returns?

  • Products actually purchased and then returned for various reasons by customers
  • Most stores include in-store damages with customer returns
  • Many stores include clearance products with customer returns
  • Customer returns can include any product category consisting of both consumer hard lines and/or soft lines

How are customer returns sold?

  • Merchandise comes directly from the retailer, manufacturer or wholesale distributor
  • AS-IS Arizona sells customer returns by the truckload from various points around the country
  • The customer returned liquidation products are usually sold as a percentage of the cost of retail or by the pallet. Pallets are typically shrink wrapped and stacked five to six feet high
  • Whether or not a manifest (inventory) is provided depends on the method of sale and the retailer
  • All offerings are subject to prior sale
  • Payment is by wire transfer in advance of shipment
  • Merchandise is sold "as is” (no pun intended)

What quality can I expect?

  • By definition, customer returned loads may be less than perfect merchandise
  • Products may be slightly damaged, missing some small elements, discolored, in a box that is damaged or less than perfect in some other way
  • You may also receive large quantities of products that are new or like new. These may include:
    • Shelf Pulls
    • Clearance
    • Excess Products
  • Generally, less than 10% of all customer returned products may have to be discarded or are considered to be a total loss

Are there restrictions?

  • You may not advertise the original retailer's name, manufacturer's brand, logo, or any facsimile thereof
  • Some closeout product may need to be delabeled
  • All closeout products must be sold in the secondary or closeout market

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